February 2 2019

Feeling super motivated for February

So February is here and I am feeling so motivated and positive about writing at the moment. Maybe working through The Artist’s Way really is working for me, who knows! I’m not going to question where my sudden influx of energy has come from, I’m just going to roll with it. I’ve started querying Vulpini again, I’ve submitted to a few short story competitions and I even tried my hand at flash fiction for a new challenge.

I’ve also started trying to be more organised, setting myself monthly goals and mixing it up with different things so I don’t get burnt out just writing Wolfrik, getting despondent over Vulpini queries, or obsessing over short story competitions. I even bought a new diary (any excuse for new stationary) that has all these super helpful trackers and goals sections. I feel so mature about it until I remember I also write in new game releases in there and earlier wrote when preorders would go live for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

January 18 2019

January Update

Ok so I haven’t been as productive as I could have been so far this month, most likely because I’ve been playing way too many games (sorry, not sorry). However, I saw these gorgeous fairy lights in Paperchase and anything wolf/fox related really makes me feel motivated to get some more writing done, and I have written a little more of Wolfrik.

As far as The Artist’s Way is going, I’ve been keeping up with my morning pages and working through the weekly tasks. It’s tougher than expected and it makes me wonder whether I’m doing it right. I never know what to write for the morning pages and so it often turns into a diary of sorts. Is this right? I have no idea! I am determined to see it through though, so I will keep on swimming!

I’ve also started re-submitting for short story competitions again and will hopefully have some luck this year. Fingers crossed. I also have a few ideas in the works for some new short stories so I should really start getting those written out.

January 1 2019

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been fairly quiet recently and I aim for that to change now that 2019 is here. Here is a break down of my aims for the new year:

  1. The Artist’s Way – someone kindly bought me this amazing book by Julia Cameron for Christmas and I fully plan to try out its 12-week course and hopefully see some wonderfully creative results! In particular, I aim to really stick with the morning pages even past the course to ensure I don’t get out of the habit of writing. Someone once told me that your creativity is like a muscle and if you don’t exercise it then it will won’t be as strong. Time to get exercising!
  2. Update my blog more often even if it isn’t necessarily about writing, but encompasses life events and things I’m up to. All good writing practice after all!
  3. Read more. I need to start reading some of my (rather horrendous) pile of shame books that I haven’t even touched. Some absolute corkers in there that I am desperate to read and I just need to dedicate the time.
  4. Submit more short stories. I don’t know why I’ve let this lapse. I was short-listed in a competition at the end of last year and so it was a really positive experience and should have given me a burst of new energy, but my motivation just trailed off.
  5. Finish Wolfrik. I’m past the half-way mark!
  6. Finish NaNoWriMo properly. Whilst I did take part, I did not reach the goal of 50k words. I can blame my trip to France half-way through November all I want, but I know that I just lost motivation.

If I manage to stick to even half of these I will be happy, but I’d love to be successful on all these points. Fingers crossed!


August 20 2018

Short Story Competition with Top Prize of $5,000

Here’s another short story competition for you to sink your teeth into: The Short Story Project is hosting a great competition where 20 winners will be chosen! Top prize is $5,000, second prize is $1,900 and third prize is $950. Cash prizes are rewarded for winners who place in the top ten, with additional prizes available. The top five winners will also be featured on The Short Story Project. Entries can be up to a maximum of 2500 words but must be in English. The competition is open worldwide, with an entry fee of $17. The closing date is September 30, 2018. For more information and how to submit, visit the website.

If you’re after other short story competitions, there is the adult fairytale short story competition that closes on October 15, 2018, and Writers’ Forum hosts monthly short story competitions.

Featured illustration by A. Hughes, from Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book.

August 16 2018

Monthly Open-theme Short Story Competitions

Illustration by H. Stratton, from Songs for Little People.

If, like me, you’re currently looking to get your short stories published – here is a great opportunity. Writers’ Forum magazine runs a short story competition every month, with all types of stories welcome. Winners not only see their stories published, but first prize is £300, second prize £150, and lastly, third prize is £100. Short stories entered must be between 1000 and 3000 words. The entry fee is £6, or £3 if you’re a subscriber to the magazine. It’s a rolling competition, so if your submission happens to be too late, they will simply enter it into the following month’s competition. Anyone can enter as it’s a worldwide competition, but entries must be in English. Full terms and conditions and how to enter can be found on their website.

Additionally, for a further £5, you can receive feedback on your submitted story. You can also allow your entry to be used in a free workshop where, if used, it will be featured in Writers’ Forum. These examples are used to show readers how to improve their writing. All you need to do is state that you are happy for your entry to be used in your submission.

I like this competition for a few reasons: it’s monthly, so you can really get your creative juices flowing on a regular basis; it’s open-themed, so no restrictions there; the word count is quite generous.

If you’re looking for other short story competitions, there is the adult fairy tale short story competition by Writing Magazine, which closes on October 15th, 2018.

August 12 2018

Adult Fairy Tale Short Story Competition

Illustration from “The Tinderbox” by H. J. Ford, The Yellow Fairy Book.

Writing Magazine is currently hosting an adult fairy tale short story competition! It can either be a reimagining of an old classic or completely original, as the competition states that the fairy tale theme is “fairly loose, admittedly“.

Word count must be between 1,500-1,700 words and the closing date is 15 October, 2018. Full rules, eligibility and entry form can be found at Writers Online. Entry fee is £6 (or £4 if you’re a subscriber to the magazine).

I’ve recently been writing different short stories based on fairy tales and folklore, so I thought this was perfect! But then I realised that the word count was way under what any of my recent shorts come in at… so it’s time to write a new one! Luckily, I already had a fitting idea lined up for my next short. I’ll just have to make sure I come in under the word limit to ensure it’s eligible for this lovely little competition.