Charity shop find!

I often trawl the local charity shops to see what I can find. At the moment I’ve been buying up a lot of books, mainly titles I’ve already read and loved, but also keeping an eye out for anything awesome that might be lurking. Normally I count myself lucky to find a few favourites, or even a few favourites in hard back.

Well today, I found a hidden gem! This copy of The Land of Legends and Heroes by Stella Mead! Definitely my favourite find in quite awhile and it only cost me 49p!

The book hosts a collection of short stories from all over the world and features some beautiful illustrations inside the book, both colour and grayscale.

Query Tracker

I’ve been using Query Tracker for some time to track my queries (surprise, surprise) and it’s really useful for seeing the normal responses and time frames for queries etc. However, recently I decided to take advantage of their forums and get some advice on re-working my query and synopsis. I’ve had some really good feedback and so I’m hoping that future queries I send out will have a bit more of a kick to them.

Re-submitting queries

So after two years and heavy revision of my manuscript, I’ve decided to start re-submitting queries to agents. My original goal in editing my manuscript was to self-publish using Smashwords and Create Space, but after all the work I’ve put in, it seemed like it would be worth trying a few more agents. Definitely worth trying, but I did completely forget how 31nerve-wracking it is to send out your query to agents and then have to sit still waiting for a response.