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Meg Pelliccio General Blog A great start to the year!

A great start to the year!

2020: The year the of the writer's pen


I am pleased to say I have had a great start in 2020 so far! My new job as a Content Editor is going well and it’s so great to be able to write for a living, I’ve found it keeps me in the writing mood so the creative writing that I do on the side is benefitting from me writing at work. Additionally, the shorter travel times and more normal work hours have been much appreciated.

I am also super pleased to say that I have had two short stories accepted in the past week. One will be published online in the near future, the other will be published in print as part of an anthology later in the year. Of course, I will update as things happen, but it’s safe to say I am really excited!

My resolution to read more this year is also making steady progress as I work my way through The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. I still have a hefty backlog of the pile of shame of many, many books that I really should get round to reading. As for another resolution, I’ve had some great feedback on Vulpini and Wolfrik and I am going to revise them both and trim the fat on Vulpini a bit and then get some more feedback on them both.

I hope you’re all having a great year so far too!


Featured image is from The Gibson Book, by Charles Dana Gibson.

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