July 30 2020

July Update

This year is flying by I haven’t updated in such a long time as I’ve been really busy with list writing, writing for Screen Rant, Game Rant, The Gamer, and more recently, CBR. However, now is the perfect time for a new blog post as I have some super exciting news to share – I […]

May 26 2020

Two New Short Stories Now Live!

Published via Burial Day Books and Mookychick I’ve been a bit busy writing articles lately, so I would have posted this news sooner but here goes – two of my short stories were published in the last few days by two different sites! You can find my short story The Collector over at Burial Day […]

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May 9 2020

May Update

Ups and (Lock) Downs I thought it was about time for an update and there’s definitely a few bits of news for me to share. First and foremost, my beloved cat Goose has been missing for a week and a half now (which really isn’t like her as she would always come home every night). […]

April 4 2020

General Update: Isolation Nation

PJs are my new daily outfit So how is everyone doing in, dare I say it, these unprecedented times? Personally, I’m beginning to feel really restless and the days are all blurring into one. Yesterday, I asked my son what day it was and his response was, “all I know is that it’s 2020” and […]

March 28 2020

Strange times we’re living in

Make sure you all stay safe It’s hard to believe that just under two months ago 2020 felt like it was the best year ever (for me personally), everything was coming together and I was feeling so positive.. then all of this madness hit. It’s still so surreal that all of it is happening. Like […]

March 11 2020

Heaven Sent now available online!

Short story published via Cultured Vultures My latest short story Heaven Sent is now available to read online over at Cultured Vultures! It’s a tale of two survivors attempting to get by in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Please give it a read and let me know what you think! In other news, the […]

January 1 2020

Happy New Year!

2020 is here! I can’t believe it is 2020 already! The past year seems to have gone so quickly. I managed to stick to a couple of last year’s resolutions; I did post more on my blog, though admittedly not as much as I had planned, I did submit more short stories and successfully had […]

December 29 2019

So that was Christmas

…and what did I do? Christmas this year seemed to be particularly good; there were no family squabbles, no tears from the kids and everyone seemed happy and grateful for what they received. One of my favourite gifts was a brand new netbook as my old one kept crashing, a real bugbear when you’re trying […]